Python Programming

Become a Python Developer by learning for Basic to Advanced Level. This master-level course is for you if you are looking to learn Python programming in and out within a short time!

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45 Days

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September 02, 2022

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Monday to Friday

07:00 PM – 09:00 PM

Course Syllabus

In this Introduction, you will view the course syllabus to learn what will be taught in this course.

  • What can Python do? 
  • Why Python? 
  • Python Syntax compared to other programming languages
  • Python Install
  • VS Code Installation
  • VS Code Setup
  • The print statement
  • Comments
  • Python Data Structures & Data Types
  • String Operations in Python
  • Simple Input & Output
  • Simple Output Formatting 
  • Operators in python
  • Indentation 
  • The If statement and its’ related statement 
  • An example with if and it’s related statement
  • The while loop
  • The for loop
  • The range statement
  • Break & Continue
  • Pass
  • Examples for looping
  • String object basics
  • String methods
  • Splitting and Joining strings
  • String format functions
  • List object basics
  • List methods
  • List as Stack and Queues
  • List comprehensions
  • Introduction to Tuples
  • Tuples with built-in functions
  • Tuple operations
  • Introduction to Sets
  • Sets with built-in functions
  • Set Operations
  • Set with functions
  • Introduction to Dictionary
  • Dictionary with built-in functions
  • Dictionary with functions
  • Defining a function
  • Calling a function
  • return statement
  • Difference between return and print
  • Arguments
  • Parameters
  • Keyword arguments
  • Arbitrary argument
  • User defined functions
  • Nested functions
  • Functions with real time examples
  • Introduction to Classes
    • Creation of Classes
    • Real time examples of Classes
  • Creation of Objects
  • init
  • self keyword
  • super keyword
  • Inheritance
  • Types of Inheritance:
    • Single Inheritance.
    • Multiple Inheritance.
    • Multi-Level Inheritance.
    • Hierarchical Inheritance.
  • Polymorphism:
    • Method overloading
    • Method overriding
  • Encapsulation
    • Private
    • Public
    • Protected
  • Data Abstraction
    • Abc class
    • Abstract method
    • Realtime example of Data Abstraction
  • Introduction to File Handling
  • File modes
  • with keyword
  • Working with files
  • Reading and writing files
  • Buffered read and write
  • Other File methods
  • Using standard module
  • Creating new modules
  • Exceptions Handling with Try-except
  • Creating, inserting and retrieving table
  • Updating and deleting the data
  • Introduction to Numpy
  • Numpy Installation
  • NumPy – Ndarray Object
  • NumPy – Data Types
  • NumPy – Array Attributes
  • NumPy – Array Creation Routines
  • NumPy – Array from Existing Data
  • Array From Numerical Ranges
  • NumPy – Indexing & Slicing
  • NumPy – Advanced Indexing
  • NumPy – Broadcasting
  • NumPy – Iterating Over Array
  • NumPy – Array Manipulation
  • NumPy – Binary Operators
  • NumPy – String Functions
  • NumPy – Mathematical Functions
  • NumPy – Arithmetic Operations
  • NumPy – Statistical Functions
  • Sort, Search & Counting Functions
  • NumPy – Byte Swapping
  • NumPy – Copies & Views
  • NumPy – Matrix Library
  • NumPy – Linear Algebra
  • Introduction to Pandas
  • Pandas Installation
  • Python Pandas – Series
  • Python Pandas – DataFrame
  • Python Pandas – Panel
  • Python Pandas – Basic Functionality
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Function Application
  • Python Pandas – Reindexing
  • Python Pandas – Iteration
  • Python Pandas – Sorting
  • Working with Text Data
  • Options & Customization
  • Indexing & Selecting Data
  • Statistical Functions
  • Python Pandas – Window Functions
  • Python Pandas – Date Functionality
  • Python Pandas – Timedelta
  • Python Pandas – Categorical Data
  • Python Pandas – Visualization
  • Python Pandas – IO Tools
  • Matplotlib
  •  What is Multi Threading
  •  Multi Threading vs Multi Processing
  •  Thread class
  •  Thread Life Cycle
  •  Methods of Multi Threading in Python
  •  Examples of MultiThreading
  •  What is Web Scraping?
  •  What is Beautifull Soap?
  •  Request Module
  •  Json Module
  •  Saving Scraped Data
  • Scraping data from E-commerce websites.
  • Split
  • Working with special characters, date, emails
  • Quantifiers
  • Match and find all
  • character sequence and substitute
  • Search method
  • what is Django?
  • PIP
  • Django installations
  • Django Creating Project
  • Django Creating application
  • Django Commands
  • Django
  • Django
  • Django
  • Django Templates
  • Django Models
  • Django Migrations
  • Blog Project using Django


Railway Tickets Reservation System

Railway Tickets
Reservation System

The main objective of the Python Project on Railway Ticket Reservation system is to manage the details of Booking, Timetable, Trains, Stations, Fare. It manages all the information about Booking, Customers, Fare, Booking. The project is totally built at the administrative end and thus only the administrator is guaranteed access.

Bank Management System

Bank Management

Simple Banking System project is a simple project developed using Python. The project contains only the admin side. The admin side manages all the basic functions which include creating a new account, view account holder’s record, withdraws and deposit amount, balance inquiries, and so on. In this mini-project, there is no such login system. This means he/she can use all those available features easily without any restriction. It is too easy to use, the user can check the total bank account record.

Super Market Bill Generation

Super Market
Bill Generation

This software project is a traditional supermarket billing system with some added functionality. This system is built for fast data processing and bill generation for supermarket customers. This project includes all python functions and OOPS concepts for effective output. It is too easy to use, the user can check the shopping items, prices, quantity.

Django Ecommerce Website

Django E-Commerce

The project is designed to transition the traditional business to consumer relationship. The website will streamline the sale and purchase of goods by businesses and consumers. Traditionally, selling and buying goods are done through personal means.


Scrapping Data

This project will introduce you to a programming task that will be useful if you do projects with language: harvesting textual data from the web and cleaning it up and store all the data in a file.

Data statistical analysis

Data Statistical Analysis

Here, you will handle data from the client where their customers are searching for the best house for a low cost Here, you need to do all the analytics on the dataset and help your client suggest a good area for their customers.

Tools Covered


What We Provide

Online Community - Codingrad

Online Community

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LMS - Codingrad

Learning Platform

Along with daily live lectures we provide a separate learning platform where our students can learn topics, attempt quizzes, assignments and many more.

Certificate - Codingrad


Right after completion of the course by submitting the required projects and maintaining attendance, students will receive the course completion certificate. 

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